Sunday Jul 5, 2015

The common side effects of prednisone

By Dave - Mon Oct 17, 7:57 am

prednisone pillsWhen an individual has been diagnosed with chronic pain or arthritis, most commonly associated with some form of inflammation of the muscles, some form of pain management is often undertaken. Light pain and inflammation can usually be treated with some massage, but with severe cases, doctors usually prescribe some of anti-inflammatory medicine or steroid. The most common and widespread anti-inflammatory medicine is Prednisone, and doctors have been prescribing it for some time. Although prednisone has huge benefits, prednisone side effects may occur in infrequent instances. The side effects may also be more prevalent in patients that are taking extremely high doses of the drug. Furthermore, patients that are on the drug for extended periods of time are also more prone to react to the prednisone, and develop prednisone side effects that can be quite debilitating. Patients looking to reduce the chance of developing side effects or lessen the severity of these side effects can take the steroids on every alternate day. However, this should be done in consultation with your medical practitioner or your doctor, as it may also reduce the efficacy of the drug. Some of the more common side effects include feeling aggravated, with numerous mood swings. Patients using the drug also report increased sweating and increases in body hair due to continuous intake. Many patients have also reported unsightly purple stretch marks that appear, and many have reported that they are more susceptible to bruising.

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